Create and tell the story of a company from the standpoint of the year 2024 looking back.

 I was brought in by the consultancy Yoxi to work with 10 social innovation companies that were in a NY Social Media Week competition. I would sit with another creative and the founders of the company. Over the course of a day we would find out their business plan, where they thought they were going and then run through what the future might throw at them. This all became a 3 minute script of a story for the competition that one of the founders had to present with accompanying visuals.  It was a great opportunity to dream with a bunch of start ups, though we always had to have drama and troubles in the stories to keep things interesting. The future isn't a cakewalk and it's the companies that can rise above that are the ones that people will respect.



ROLE: CD, Writer, Designer, Illustrator


MEDIA: Branding & Positioning

Volo provides broadband ISPs in developing countries. We created the scenario of Korean unification and having Volo go into the north to get them up to western standards. I also came up with the verb "Volo'd" which they now use in their materials.

This is for Aunt Bertha, a site that connects people to government services. We foresaw Aunt Bertha's success in this and how that could create political trouble for them in Washington. Throughout the script we interwove an autistic child's 10 year story of progress with the help of Aunt Bertha. Truly good.

OpenGov is a platform for parsing government data then serving it up online for citizens in understandable language and charts. We thought that instead of going right or left wing we would create a 3rd party of the future called the Data Party. This would revolutionize government without the normal spin or dogma.

Epibone grows new human bones through stem cells. It will change the world. We thought of all the good and bad consequences of such a technology. CAA would have to trademark the bone structures of celebrities for instance. All in all, Epibone would change everything from sports to birth defects and our story told that.

Linhardt creates jewelry using non-evil practices, i.e. no blood diamonds. We thought of ways to make their jewelry immortal using DNA embedding and meteorite metals as well as space mining with drones. All were great ways to usurp the mighty diamond racket, or industry, whichever you prefer.

Addicade won the competition. They digitally bring together, with their app, all the different addiction programs and get people to these meetings. We told the story of a world that changed its perspective of addiction from a sinful hidden guilt to a disease for treatment and acknowledgment. In this future Addicade was responsible for shuttering many tabloids that reveled in the train wreck spectacle of celebrity misery.