I found out working on this that there is a difference between movies, films and pictures.

We won the account in an open pitch. Spike Lee shot the television. The campaign had many many components. We were involved in the show, concepting for openers, premiums for the celebrities, a Netflix takeover with the branding, 40 limited edition one-sheets signed by photographer Albert Watson for Oscar winners, the Oscar.com website, a Times-square site for tourists, You-tube contests, Newspaper contests, coming up with the quotes that scroll before commercial breaks, we even created a sign in the men’s room at the ceremony with the quote “excuse me while i whip this out” from Blazing Saddles. It was the most comprehensive thing I’ve ever worked on, not only that, it amazed me to see how one of my ideas and designs could affect a network, Hollywood, and really the world for a night.





ACD/Art Director



TV, Print, Web, In-Store, Guerrilla, On air & show development


We got talent off the streets of NYC for these and Spike Lee directed them. Those two things made the shoot more than interesting. We would go up to tourists and ask them if they wanted to be in a commercial for "The Oscars" that Spike Lee was directing...  No other "commercial" director could pull off the things that Spike did. He's one of the de facto mayors of NYC like Robert DeNiro, Jay Z, and Martin Scorsese. Mayor Bloomberg gave Spike permission to shoot anywhere, anytime. Completely unplanned Spike got construction to stop at Grand Central for some shots. Joe Pytka could never in a million years do that.