ROLE: Group Creative Director


MEDIA: Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram


RESULTS: Lady Gaga's FB live record broken. Millions of Snapchat and Instagram views.

This was big.

Add all these up: Chris Paul, NBA All Star Weekend, DJ Khaled, Jon Batiste, DRAM, Future, A$AP Rocky, Meek Mill... The social media views were insane.


We did a FaceBook Live concert at the NBA All Star Weekend in 2017 (the below tune in). DJ Khaled, Jon Batiste and Chris Paul hosted.  Eight of the biggest current names in Hip-hop took the stage and broke Gaga's FB Live  record – plus any others at the time. Snapchat was on fire and our concert was the talk of the NBA (and world) the next day. Along with DJ Khaled's millions of social followers Chris Paul has about 5 million FB  plus 7 million IG followers. They were just two of 30 or more Social celebrities broadcasting that night. We got 30 times the viewers than when we did when we created shows for live TV. In some ways it might have rivaled the All-Star Game itself.