ROLE: Group Creative Director


MEDIA: Long Format TV, Event, Social


RESULTS: Over 30 Million Youtube views for Artist Sessions. Millions of Snapchat and Instagram views.

State Farm produces broadcast television shows as well as on-line mini-docs for new artists.

Usher, Charlie Puth, Ben Rector, Børns, Lissie, Prince Royce, Judah and the Lion, Khaled, Lindsey Sterling, and 10 more artists...


All of the above artists were asked what it is about their neighborhood growing up made them who they are. The films then showed what the artist does in life now to give back. Except for the 45 minute Usher show all of these were two 5 minute films per artist.


We went down to Chattanooga TN to film Usher's Neighborhood Session show. These were the funnest assignments to work on at Translation. I'm a big music fan and it's always great to know how and why an artist got to where they are. That was are main question, "What about your neighborhood got you here?".  I don't think that I was ever uninspired by an artist's story. Many times on these shoots I was amazed that I was getting paid to do this.


Ben Rector is from Tulsa and shooting there changed my mind about the city. It wasn't what I was expecting, it was a great place that a lot of talent is coming out of now. Ben is not only a great composer but also a top notch showman.

Charlie Puth was one of our Artist Sessions in 2016. Most all of the Artist Sessions shows had  500,000 YouTube views or more bringing the total views of the program season to over 30 million viewers.