I started my addiction innocently enough, with a Yashica T4 then moved up to a Contax G1... then to a G2.

I went Kodak 400NC pushed a stop for a while, fooled around with colour printing, all the sweet cancer causing chemical vices. I graduated to the new flesh of digital with a 5d MII, then got into glass and sharpness charts with hyper-focal distances. I saw through the illusion of RGB and became a LAB colourspace fascist. I look at highlight colours now, soft and hard light, the psychology of standing, the book Ways of Seeing by John Berger, Helmut Newton's West Berlin fetishism, the symmetry of faces, the hard tech of a shot, film lighting vs. photo lighting.


The most important thing I've learned – all that really matters is who it is that pushes the button, and what their life is like... unique points of view, not unique points of tech.


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