The NFL asked for a :30 TV spot to get youth during the summer to remember football.

We gave them that plus a :60 for YouTube, 10 original online vids and 10 player bespoke vids for their social feeds.  We kinda over delivered. The NFL also made a cut of the original spot with a couple seconds of new footage for the 2018 Superbowl.

"There ain't no off season" was our mantra and we showed it in many fun ways. We got  current NFL stars and some stars outside the game to join in. The funnest part of it all was seeing normal high school kids interacting with the players. We gave them  great stories to tell.


We had a graphic language besides our holding line that tied everything together. A custom typeface was created as well as graphic standards unique to the NFL youth market.


As stated above, besides the TV spots we created a slew of online videos, social posts, Snapchat posts, Instagram stories and PR.



ROLE: Group Creative Director


MEDIA: TV, Social, Outdoor


RESULTS: Over a Million views after a month for the main film.


Millions of Snapchat and Instagram views.