This is one of the last pieces of work I did while at TBWA\Chiat\Day L.A.

Over the 3-4 years I worked on the account we moved it from being a follower, a fake Lexus, to having it’s own inherent style. The strategy and rational thinking behind all of this helped immensely. The following work contains some of the waypoints to this. It doesn’t include all of the client conversations and the jokes car dealers told me about golf. Thankfully.



ROLE: ACD/Art Director


MEDIA: TV, Print, Web, In-Store


RESULTS: Positive sales and foot traffic for every quarter I worked on the Account. Infiniti is now in 5 countries, has it's own luxury magazine and has raised the MSRP of their cars.

I oversaw numerous things on the Infiniti account, aside from print and television campaigns (I worked on 15+ t.v. spots) there were POP programs, region level guerrilla programs, campaign micro-sites, on-line ads, truck wraps, dealer visuals and meetings, the brand typography and look, car show visuals. Thousands of touch points, a full 360 degrees. All of this moved the brand from being a generic luxury brand to a defined unique luxury brand. It wasn't easy. The spot below was one of my favorites created by PSYOP.

These are Seasonal Lithographs commissioned by Infiniti. Basically a highbrow guerrilla campaign. Prints were sent to editors of the top fashion, design, and lifestyle magazines worldwide. The taste-makers. Nothing was asked of them, it’s just a way to get them to think about Infiniti. Only 250 were printed each season, hand numbered and signed by the artist.

I usually make decks for directors before shooting or boarding. It's a visual cheat sheet that helps guide the spots. This is one for an animated spot that Psyop eventually did.