I was approached to direct a sci-fi music video by Jeremy Turner and Abe Seiferth, they are the core members of the band Low City. Members of Dirty Projectors and the indie folk band Bon Iver also contribute to Low City and flesh out the groups sound. All of these guys have great taste and can see beyond boring.


Lyrically the song deals with a not so distant future and it's love lost characters. The film itself is influenced by my drinking lots of coffee, reading JG Ballard & Philip K. Dick, watching RW Fassbinder, Antonioni and Ridley Scott films. I ended up concepting, Directing, Editing it.


Kathleen Munro, from Alphas and Resurrection, and Rachel Blanchard, from Fargo, are two women fighting over the attention of Devin Pedde.  All were a joy to work with.

I shot this film a couple of years ago. I tried to push it towards a dream-like David Lynch place. A short film about a man under self imposed house arrest. He remembers the past and thinks about a possible future.

A one sheet for the film.

This is a test film for Sony's internal creative group. In general it is to remind us that sometimes the way forward is to look back at the philosophies of the past.